The Aquatic Research Network (ARNET) is an Associate Laboratory of the Portuguese National Science and Technology System, acting in a context of global changes and anthropogenic pressures. With expertise in biological and environmental sciences, it applies methodological approaches oriented towards different aquatic systems, from river basins to open and deep sea ecosystems.

It is a multi-institutional network with a wide geographical distribution comprising more than 700 researchers from three multidisciplinary R&D units: MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA) and Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology (CBMA).


ARNET seeks to be an Associate Laboratory of reference in aquatic sciences, contributing to strengthened national and European scientific and technological policy instruments.

ARNET - Aquatic Research Network Map


ARNET enables Science-policy-action exchanges, providing the best available scientific knowledge based in aquatic ecosystems, supporting Blue and Green Economy.

ARNET’s mission is achieved addressing five societal challenges: scientific, environmental, sanitary (environmental health), economic and social, materialized in five action domains: Aquatic Exploration and Monitoring, Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Risk, Biotech and Nature-based Solutions, and Governance and Literacy.

Novel Approaches in Aquatic Exploration and Monitoring
Environmental Sustainability under Global Change
Assessment and Management of Environmental Risks
Biotech- & Nature Based Solutions for Blue Economy
Governance, Citizen Science and Ocean Literacy